Things To Know About ESTA USA

ESTA is a good option for those who are thinking about traveling to the US and want to have a go-ahead from all angles.

No one wants to face delays when they’re ready to start flying to their favorite state.

Here is what this application process is going to entail if that is the route you wish to take.

1) Costs $72 To Apply

What is the cost to apply for this visa when you are ready to start filling in the application? You will be charged a flat fee of $72 once you are ready to apply.

It is a good deal for those who are looking to move things along and want to get the application process underway.

Please note, this can be paid with PayPal or credit card depending on what you prefer. Both are acceptable forms of payment.

2) Lasts For Two Years

The visa itself is going to last for two years. This means you can leave and enter as many times as you want within these two years as long as you are not staying over three months at any given time. This is a good option for those who are going to be traveling in and out on a regular basis.

3) Trip Has To Be Shorter Than 3 Months

It’s important to note you are only going to get this visa if you are traveling for pleasure, This means you are going sight-seeing. Otherwise, you will have to go through other channels that are going to look to process you.

This is built for those who are looking to speed things up and know they’re only going to be in the country for a short period and want to expedite this part of the process.

ESTA is one of the best ways to make sure you are gaining approval before the trip and have the right documents in hand as soon as you want them. There is no reason to go ahead and start planning without gaining this visa in hand.

It is possible to get rejected, so it is best to make sure you are aware of these things and applying as soon as you get the chance. It is going to benefit you in the long-term, and that is why it is a must to get going down this path as fast as you can.…

A Basic Guide To ESTA

ESTA or the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a requirement for anyone entering the United States of America from a visa-exempt country. Only nationals from the Visa Waiver Program countries will need to apply for ESTA as all nationals from other countries require a visa to visit the US. ESTA was established to give the Department of Homeland Security additional information about people traveling to the United States on the visa waiver program.

How Do You Apply?

Applying for ESTA is done online and will require personal information along with information about your passport. To apply you will need to go to the ESTA website and follow all of the instructions there. You will need to pay an application fee when you submit your application and this is also done only.

Does ESTA Approval Mean The Traveler Can Enter The USA?

It is important to note that an approved ESTA application does not automatically give the traveler the right to enter the USA. This approval only gives the traveler the authorization to board a carrier heading to the USA. Entry to the country will still be determined by CBP officers at the point of entry and travelers can still be refused entrance to the country at this point.

When Should You Apply?

It is recommended that you apply at least 72 hours before you are going to be traveling. In most cases, a response to the application will be received within minutes of submission. However, there are times when applications will take longer to process and you need to allow time for this. There is also the chance that your application is rejected and you will need to amend your travel plans.

How Long Is It Valid?

An approved application will be valid for 2 years or until the passport the application is linked to expires. During the 2 year time period the traveler will be able to enter the United States as many times as they please without having a new application approved. However, if a new passport is issued then a new ESTA application will need to be submitted.

Do You Need A Printed Copy Of Approval?

Travelers with approved applications do not have to take a printed copy of the approval with them when traveling. The authorization is linked to an e-passport and will be seen when the passport is scanned. However, it is recommended that a printout be taken as proof of their ESTA status.…